Our Staff

Theresa Spartz Director
Theresa Spartz

1998 I left Texas and went to Missouri to a Bible College. First paper I wrote was on prayer. How we use it as a spare tire. After a year there I moved back to Texas and finished bible school there.I look back during that time and remember times of being drawn to prayer meetings. In 2002 I joined Way of the Cross Ministry as a full time missionary. In 2009 I attended a prayer meeting in San Benito. Before the prayer teaching began I signed my name and email. Thinking what the purpose? No one ever emails you. A group from the international house of prayer came in and spoke on prayer. God moved in my heart deeper than ever before on prayer. Time passed and a lady sent me an email! Asking how I felt about the prayer teaching. I responded by telling her God gave me a vision of a 24 hour prayer room in the Way of the Cross Warehouse. This tenacious woman of God pushed me and helped me get started with the vision of prayer at the warehouse. In the beginning most prayer sets it was just me. It wasn’t long until God answered prayer and sent in a musician/intercessor and a prayer warrior. Most of the time it is the three of us. 2013/2014 God has been stirring in the hearts of random people and our prayer meetings are growing. God continues to teach me persistence in prayer that’s where we get Relentless. We may be a small army of prayer warriors but we wont relent in our prayers. – Theresa Spartz

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Katie Paden Worship Leader

When God first moved in my heart, I couldn’t imagine just what He had in store for me! Little did I know the plans that were in the works! In 2007, I was devastated by my husband’s death, and God used that time of mourning to move in my heart and change me from the inside out. By 2010, I joined Way of the Cross Ministries as a full-time missionary. I wasn’t sure how I was going to do this with being a single mom with two boys to support but God was in the details! In 2011/2012, God brought me to the prayer room and there has never been a doubt in my heart that the prayer room is for me! He has grown me spiritually so much since entering that room! Not only spiritually but musically as well! I am so excited to continue on in serving God this way! I can’t go without having my prayer session time! I pray that you will join us in worship and prayer…God does not relent and neither should we! – Katie Paden

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Candis Laningham (not pictured) joined us in 2012 as well. She is a prayer warrior and is most always in the prayer room. She keeps things running when Theresa and I cannot be there because we are out of the country. Stop by and say hello at one of our sessions! – Katie

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