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We Must Persist! – Theresa

Persistence is the word God has been speaking to me. The Prayer Room has the fewest attendance and people give excuses of why they can’t come. We have a few faithful followers and sometimes discouragement comes in because the vision of 24/7 can’t happen until the people come. Galations 6:9: God speaks to me “Don’t give up”. I recently came across some notes from a teaching I went to and while I can’t remember who the speaker was but I wanted to share it anyway:
“A geographic place is this: as long as fullness is just somewhere in the earth, it will never become personal. We need to say, “Lord if it be Your will in this place,” and you have the place in your heart and you begin to labor for it. I believe the Lord wants to open a number of fountains of life, unprecedented, beyond what happened in Jerusalem in Acts 2. That was a temporary resting place for the Lord where He released the fullness in a geographic place in the midst of a corporate people. It’s geographic in its genesis; it breaks forth in a geographic place in the midst of a corporate people. It’s a corporate thing, not an individual thing. It’s not the man of God on the mountain breaking through; it’s a corporate people. When that fountain breaks open, the windows of heaven, the portal, the gate opens in the spirit over that geographic area, they’ll thrust forth laborers, anointed apostles and prophets, to the ends of the earth.”

I believe God has chosen Relentless House of Prayer as the geographic place. I have seen it in a vision. I feel it in my bones aka: Jeremiah. I’m saying this to all who long after Gods glory. If this speaks to you, come join us as we labor for the Shekinah glory.

In Christ,